We the Weeds

Zya Levy and Kaitlin Pomerantz of the We the Weeds project join us for a weed walk in the neighborhood. Then we retire back at the Urban Wildlife Podcast studio with invasive species beverages, including a cocktail featuring utopic/dystopic bitters.

(learn about the bitters here: WTWBOOKLETDRINKSMUGWORT)

Epazote rising from a bed of lambs quarters.

Epazote rising from a bed of lambs quarters.

Sow thistle

Sow thistle

broad leaved plantain

broadleaf plantain

Virginia pepperweed

Virginia Pepperweed


Tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima)

Kaitlin Pomerantz' tatoo (Brooke Herr)

Artist Brooke Herr’s mugwort inspired tattoo (on Kaitlin Pomerantz’s leg).

Curb-crack purslane

Purslane growing from the edge of the curb.

Poke weed

Poke weed every day.

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