Wall Swifts, Wall Lizards, Wall Dolphins? (Part 1)

Sometimes the artificial IS natural. Helena Van Vliet of BioPhilly (of the Biophilic Cities network) joins us as guest host to envision cities as habitat. Of course several species already use cities as habitat:

  • We listen to Amnonn Hahn of Friends of the Swifts talk about the swifts of Israel and the Western Wall
  • Mauro Ferri talks about efforts to preserve Italian swift architecture/habitat
  • Karen Etter Hale of the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative talks North American chimney swift trends and conservation
  • Frank Spikmans of RAVON¬†talks about preserving railroad embankment habitat for wall lizards in Maastricht, Netherlands
  • And Nicholas Horne tells us about the dolphins of Aberdeen in Scotland and how they use the harbor seawall to hunt salmon.

This was too much for one episode, so split it into two parts.

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